Minnesota GED Information

The Minnesota Jurisdiction Reference Sheet has recently been updated. The following list provides a summary of the updates:

  • A note was added about using a promo code during candidate registrations. The code allows students to get $30 off the first four individual tests using the promo code MNGED30, expires 12/31/19 (while funds last).

  • More information was added to the ID requirements about renewal papers for state photo IDs and IDs issued by cities, towns, and municipalities.

  • The information about the minimum age requirement now explains that the block on a student’s ged.com account is cleared by the Minnesota Department of Education if the student is under 19 years old.

  • The website listed in the Other Information row was updated.

  • The contact information for the jurisdiction was updated.

For more information, see the updated Minnesota Jurisdiction Reference Sheet or visit the Minnesota Department of Education's website.