Graduation Incentives-Is No Longer Available as of 7/1/2018

The Adult Options In Education Graduation Incentives program, formerly called Independent Study, is an individualized program for high school learners who are at risk of not graduating from high school. Most students use this option to make up one or two credits. Quarter, trimester, semester and one year credits can be earned.


The Approach

Our Graduation Incentives Program is outcome-based — specific outcomes must be clearly demonstrated by the learner in each subject area — to earn credit. It is designed to meet the needs of self-motivated, independent learners. Students meet two to three times a week with their teacher(s) and then complete assignments on their own time.


What to Expect

Graduation Incentives subjects include English, social studies and elective areas of study. Students aged 16-20 may apply to enroll in the Graduation Incentives Program providing the learner is enrolled in high school, an alternative program, or on the waiting list for an alternative program. High school learners must be referred by their high school counselor or alternative program teacher. All learners must have an eighth-grade reading level or higher.

Three dominant features of the Graduation Incentives Program are: structure, self-pacing, and close monitoring. For more information, call 952-988-5343.