We offer choices...

Whether you need a large performing arts facility for your dance recital, concert, or drama program, a 465-seat theater for your guest speaker, or even a small, older theater with 280 seats and a thrust stage, look no further because we have what you need.


Besides offering these wonderful performing/speaking facilities, your patrons will enjoy the Royal Rock Cafe or Wetlands Café before, during, and after the show. Both are coffee shops featuring coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, fresh pastries, and healthy snacks. If you prefer to begin or end your event with a reception or dinner, you may do so in the Hopkins High School's Dining Room or Eisenhower's Oakwoods Room with Royal Rock Catering providing your guests with delicious and professionally catered food.

“The JazzMN Orchestra and our patrons are thoroughly
pleased with the facilities at Hopkins High School

This hall is the perfect size for our audience; large
enough to hold a large crowd, yet small enough to allow
us to perform in more of an acoustic setting (rather than
over-amplification) where the audience is close enough
to see the faces of the performers.

Add free parking, easy accessibility, and
a central location, and you have an ideal
performance setting!”

-Doug Snapp, Director, JazzMn Orchestra